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 Buying a quality  Old English Mastiff pup .


Yes I am a breeder from "Island West Mastiffs". I have sold many mastiff pups over the years Many to great homes and a few, not so good . I have also bought and Imported mastiff pups . I too have been on the search for the right mastiff puppy.

By reading this you have started searching the right way . There is lots of information on the Internet.

When buying a mastiff you will have to decide if you want a dog with a history of less health problems in the blood line or a dog from unknown health back ground.

In order to buy a pups  with know family health history you must buy from a reputable breeder who knows their lines well, and not a back yard or inexperienced breeder.

If you buy a mastiff pup from a person who is not a known breeder, someone who has been not been breeding mastiffs for several years and dose not know the grandparents and great grandparents of the pup you are buying , you are risking health problems in you pup. Health problem that the breeder may not even know exist in the lines,

A breeder who can talk to you about all the ancestors in the pups pedigree is more apt to be aware of any health issues in the line and is more capable of avoiding genetic health problems .

I personally would not buy a pup from a breeder who has not done testing for hip and elbow dysplacia on the parents.

You should ask the breeder if they have a health guarantee on the pup “a written contract”.

Will the pup have its first vaccinations . Will the pup have a vet certified of health before you buy it. Will the pup be wormed .

Is the pup registered with the Canadian Kennel Club or American Kennel Club or main registry for that country.

Personally I would not by a pup who is registered with any other North American Registry. You will want to know what health problems the contract covers .What is the temperament of the parents and grand parents. Is the breeder willing to help you day or night if you have a problem with the pup. Warning signs are breeders who do not ask you questions like , why do you want a mastiff? Do you have a fenced yard?, Do you plan on breeding ?  Will the puppy be along during the day? Have you had a large breed in the past ? How many dogs do you have right now? You want to buy from a breeder who is concerned what kind of home there pup is going to .Do not expect to get pick of the litter. If a breeder tells you the pup is definitely show quality and the pup is under 4 months of age be very skeptical . One thing I have learned as an experienced mastiff breeder is there is never any guarantee of what the pup will look like when it grows up.

On more then one occasion the smallest pup in my litter has grown to be the largest . I have seen pups with great rear ends at 8 weeks grow up to be cow hocked .If the breeder says the pup is a show PROSPECT, this means that the breeder thinks this is a good pup and may grow up to be show quality. If you are at the breeders home you want to note the condition and temperament of all the dogs .

Do not be to upset if the mother dose not want strangers around her pups. What you want to see if all the dogs look healthy . Are the pups kept in clean conditions .Are the pups getting contact with the people . Are the pups all fat and healthy looking .Do not be offended if the breeder makes you disinfect your hands or were a gown, or not were your street shoes around the puppy area . This is a breeder who cares for there pups and dose not want strangers to infect their litter with Paro or other diseases .

When picking a pup in person , think first of your own personality. If you are firm , bold , person you should pick a bold out going pup.If you are not assertive , and a quiet person , pick a quieter less dominant puppy. If you have children do not pick the rowdy, pup. But pick a calm pup who dose not scare easily. I hope this information is of some assistance


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