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4 generations of Island West Mastiffs

Pictured below, are the Mastiffs of Island West.

I have a dream of producing the perfect mastiff. And all my breeding's, generation after generation ,have had the perfect mastiff as my goal.

So far I have achieved very good rear angulation. When you look at my mastiffs you will see 4 generations of very nice rear angulation. Good size and nice heads.

I wish now, to improve on bone and head size, with out loosing the great rears I have achieved in embedding in my lines. Temperaments have always been important to me. I like a teddy bear personality on my giants, kindness and dedication in a mastiff is very important to me.

Can Int CH auroja Slow Bear Kara CGC
Our Foudation Bitch Kara bear at 18 month

Pictured above is our foundation bitch , Our very sweet Can Int CH Auroja Slow Bear Kara CGC. . She is 18 month in the top show picture and 4 years old in the poem picture . Note the very nice rear, good size and just overall outstandingly pretty bitch. Kara matured 30 inches tall and 180 pounds. Kara Bear had very nice clean movement .The judges always placed her.

Kara was bred to a beautiful male  Am, Can, Int, Ch. Sugar Foots Shot In The Dark,CD,CGN. also known as "Buck"

Buck "PICTURED BELOW"was 220 lbs and 33 inches tall , Buck had a great rear , good size and nice head, great movement.


kara and Buck produced an outstanding litter , They produced many Champions . produced great movers with great rears, pictured below are their children CH West Coast Nala   Int Can CH West Coast  Skipper CG DD, DDX, MCOADD, TT CGC, CGN, TT,.  Note the rear ends, and heads.


CH,West coast Naughty Lass

Can Int CH West Coasr Skipper CG, DD, DDV, MCOADD,

Skippy pictured above was one of the pups from this breeding , Skippy is probably the most titled mastiffs in Canada  Skippy holds "9" titles,  Int Can CH West Coast Skipper CD, TT, DD, DDX, MCOADD, CGC, CGN, Including a BEST PUPPY IN SHOW multiple GROUP placements and group one placement  As well as being number 5 top mastiff in Canada  

One of the pups from this litter of Buck and Karas was bred to a very large sweet mastiff owned by Blackstone Mastiffs named Louver . From this breeding our good rears and nice heads continued for another generation ,  Pictured below is Louver


Blackstones Lord Louver

Ch West Coast Naughty Lass and Blackstones Lord Louver, produced Beautiful Bella of IW.
Pictured below is Bella


Beautiful Bella has very nice rear angulation , a nice moving frmale with a great head and good size , maturing to 180 pounds and 30 inches tall, Bella was bred to Ch Resolutes Ryde On  pictured below  Ryder is pictued at ONE YEAR old  winning best bred by

Ch Resolutes Ryde on

This picture is a poor stack , Violet has perfect rear angulation she is a very tall bitch, 32 inches and 176 pounds , She is 20 month in this picture and has a lot of filling out to do yet


Susie or Ch Karas Reflections of Island West  winning Bw, Nanaimo 2005 to finish her championship , Susie is Violets  littermate



Ch Island West Mercedes is also a litter mate to Susie and Violet above , pictured winning best puppy in group. Mercedes was sold to Yvonne Green a wonderful mastiff owner.

Ryder and Bella produced one of my Best litters yet , Pictured bellow are pictures of their off spring

If you click the  link it will take you to a page with all the toys I have I have hand selected as good toys for large breed dogs.

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