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Island West Mastiffs
 The old english mastiff breeder web site  with my information  mastiff puppies for sale.  Stud Service , canine frozen semen ,chilled semen, AI. artifical insenination,  puppy contracts .  co-owner contracts, mastiff shipping cost , breeding, breeders. We sold mastiff puppies to texis, Alaska , floria , BC, Alberta, ontario, California, Washington, Origan, qubeque, New Brunswick, New foundland. we breed puppies for pet and show, and have competed in MCOA mastiff specialty, and Canadaian mastiff specialty. Trained and won titals in draft dog  DD, obedaiance CGC, CGN, temperment test TT,  We are curently competing in Rally O obediance.

Welcome to Island West Mastiffs;
 We  believe we have bred some of the best mastiff around and DEFINATLY some of the most famous mastiffs in the world. Our English mastiffs have been featured in the new Sandlot 2 movie.
As well as in in 8 different mastiff calendars around the world.  And our mastiffs are featured in several published famous mastiff poems, Such as Steadfast and True, A Mastiff's heart, and 'Come on in a mastiff lives here',    We have produced many show champions over the years.
Our mastiff boy Can Int, CH, West Coast Skipper  CD, DD, DDX TT, "MCOA,DD"CGC, CGN, holds more titles then any other mastiff in Canada. These accomplishments speak volumes for the quality of the mastiffs produced by Island West Mastiffs.
But in all reality our mastiffs make the most wonderful family pets. We have produced many top show dogs over the years but most of our pups leave here to go to loving homes as pets. We get as much pride from hearing that our dogs are loved and cherished by a family as we do about our dogs winning in Canadian and American shows.
 We have a very fair puppy contract that guarantees the health of the puppy you are buying and we stand behind our contract 100 percent.
As you can see by the pictures on the right you can expect fat, healthy , large puppies from Island West Mastiffs. 
We feed only the best quality dogs foods to our puppies as well as goats milk. By feeding our pups really well we can guarantee large healthy puppies.     The  pups live in our house until 5 weeks of age and then are moved to a very nice heated kennel room with a covered outside run. This allows the already well socialized pups room to play. I pride myself on the fact that my pups are kept very clean and are very well cared for.
All the dogs I use in my breeding program  have had hips and elbows x-rayed to assure there is no hip or elbow dysplasia. My pups are all given a thorough vet check by my veterinarian before they leave for their new homes and the new owners are given a copy of the vets health certificate and full disclosure of any vet findings. All my pups are wormed and have their first vaccination before they leave my home to go to new loving families.
Please take a moment to sign my guest book and tell me what you think of my mastiffs

We have a separate web site where you can see our mastiffs during filming of the sandlot 2 movie , https://mastiff25.tripod.com/islandwestmastiffsonsandlot2thesonofthebeastmovieset/
We also have a web site called Carting and Draft work with your mastiff , where you can see our mastiff pulling carts and sleds as well as competing in weight pull. https://mastiff25.tripod.com/carting/
And as you can tell I love making web sites so this site gas information on our up coming litters or the pups we have available


Skippy with puppy in his cart
Photo by Jerry Shulman





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