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How to tell if you dog is in heat

The answers to these questions.

How do I know when my dog is in heat?

How can I tell when my dog is in season or having her period?

How often will my dog come in heat?

My dog was bred, will she get pregnant?

How to tell if your dog is pregnant.


This page is for the average lay person who wants to know when their dog is in heat.

 Before your female actually comes into heat you may notice some of these signs listed in order of occurrence.

The female dog usually will have their first heat {period} at about 5 months to 1 year of age depending on the breed. When your dog has her heat {period} it will last about

3 weeks.


First signs of heat are.

Personality change up to a month prier to coming into heat.

Your female may act shy for no reason or cranky with other dogs or people, some dogs even become more affectionate. What you are looking for is just a personality change. This is the female dog version of PMS.

here is a good site with lots of information , on what to do when your dog has her period and where to get doggy panties to wear while having her heat.http://www.squidoo.com/what-to-do-when-a-dog-has-her-period


Swollen, vulva

 Up to a few weeks prier to being in full heat your dog’s vulva will seem larger and puffier then normal

As she gets farther into her heat it may become loose and floppy in the vulva. The main thing again to look for is a change in the vulva.


Increased urination

Some female will start urinating more often, beware this is to leave her scent, to tell all the boys she is coming into heat.

Teats {breasts, nipples} may get a bit pink and puffy


Blood from the vulva

You may notice some red blood on the floor or on your dogs bedding.

At the first sign of blood we will say this is the “first day of heat”.


The dog will ovulate approximately 6 to 18 after first sign of blood.


As your female gets closer to ovulation the bloody discharge may turn pale pink, straw color or disappear altogether.


Your dog is most likely to get pregnant after the bleeding has stopped. So just because you see no blood dose not mean it is safe to let you female dog around other dogs.


Once your dog gets close to ovulation she may become more friendly and playful with other dogs.


The only real way to tell when your bitch is ovulation is to take her into the vet’s office and have them check her progesterone level.


My dog was bred, will she get pregnant?


If your dog was bred there is a good chance she will have pups.


How to tell if your dog is pregnant


Your vet can do a pregnancy test. They can do an ultrasound or a relaxin test to determine if your dog is pregnant.

Some of the signs of dog pregnancy are


Your dogs vulva remains floppy and dose not go back to its normal pre heat shape.

Nipple enlarge and she begins to loose hair from around the nipples

Increase   weight.

Many female go off their food and loose weight the first 3 weeks after being bred if they are pregnant. After the first 3 weeks they will increase there food intake.

Increase in tummy size.

Personality change. Many female become more affectionate or more submissive, and some crankier if they are pregnant, you are looking for a personality change.



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