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Island West Mastiff Stud contract

At this time we are only offering for stud our young male Mountain.  Here is a link to Mountain's web page with pictures of his ancestors   http://englishmastiff2.com/id20.html

 We have frozen semen available at this time  and ready for shippemnt to the USA or Canada, Due to our location we can not ship chilled semen only frozen.




This serves as a contractual agreement for the breeding of:

Bitches name  ____________________

Registration Number:_______________________________________________________

Titles Earned:_____________________________________________________________

OFA or Foreign Hip Dysplasia Certificate#:____________________________________

If not available, have you had hips or elbows evaluated preliminary or by a vet ,________________________________________

Owned by:______________________________________________________________


Address: ________________________________________________________________




Phone _______________________________


The above-described bitch shall be bred to:

Stud dog:_________________________________________________________________

Registration Number:________________________________

Titles Earned:______________________________________________________________

Hip Dysplasia #:_prelim good ____________________________________


Owned by:_SHARON MEDFORTH address:__________________________________________________________________


The bitch must meet the following requirements to qualify for breeding to: (stud)


1) The bitch must be at least 20 months of age.

2) The bitch must be free of Hip Dysplasia as evidenced by an OFA 
    Certification or equivalent certification from the bitch's country of origin or veterinarian.

6) The bitch must be in good health as evidenced by a recent veterinary 
    examination, which must include the following:


…A current Brucellosis test. {If being bred by natural breeding or being bred on stud owner’s property}

7) A copy of her pedigree, AKC, CKC or Foreign Registration Certificate, and 
    photographs showing front, rear, and side structure should be provided.



The stud fee is:_$2000 USA funds_, for the birth of 4 or more puppies.

If only {1} puppy is born stud free is $1000

If {2 to 3} pups are born stud fee is $1500 and shall be paid as follows  

  $500 of the stud fee will be paid in advance of breeding or shipping semen, and is non refundable even if the breeding dose not work. If puppies are conceived this is deducted off the stud fee due.  

 The stud fee is due no later then the sale of the first puppy or by the time the litter is 8 weeks of age, witch ever comes first. 

Litter registration paper for the litter will be signed by stud dog owner as soon as stud fee is paid in full.


 a) The owner of the bitch hereby agrees to pay all expenses incurred for the purpose of this breeding at the time in which they are incurred. Including, but not limited to, all veterinary costs, artificial insemination, semen collection (fresh, chilled, or frozen), and shipping of the same.



The owner of the bitch warrants that this bitch has not been exposed to any stud dog prior to her arrival and that she will be protected from such exposure after her return home.


The owner of the bitch hereby releases from responsibility ___Island West mastiffs or___Sharon Medforth (name) or its officers from any and all liabilities and/or damages to said bitch while she is in the care of ____Island West ___Kennels for breeding.


The above agreement is made and signed this____day of____20____ by ___Sharon Medforth ____ and the owner of the bitch to assure the well being of the animals involved and their progeny. This contract shall be deemed a legally binding contract,


I, we, the owner of the bitch hereby certify(s) that we have read this contract, understand its complete contents, and agree to it fully:


BITCH OWNER_______________________________________________


STUD OWNER______________________________________________________ 



Sharon and Lloyd
Greenway RD Ladysmith


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