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We have pups available . Please contact us regarding our 2021 litters.
Health tested parents and health guaranteed babies.
All pups raised with lots of love and socialization.
I pride myself in the healthy, stimulating, environment these pups are raised in.

Located in lovely Ladysmith BC Canada on Vancouver Island. Our schipperkes are active in Conformation , (we have bred show champions) Rally obedience (we have trained several Rally champions) We have done some herding, and a bit of agility . The schipperke is very intelligent and likes training.



We have 2 breedings planned for 2020

Joey and Mel
This is Joey our main stud , Sire to our puppies


That's my daddy below , He's a Champion




Joey winning best of breed at 12 months

 Registered schipperke puppies for sale in British Columbia Canada . Should mature 6 kg when grown . Our puppies are champion sired and often from champion or titled females . Schipperke puppy prices are $2000 for nonbreeding contract . Open breeding contract is open for negotiation. 
     All  schipperke pups are Canadian Kennel Club registered , micro-chipped , de-wormed and have a complete health check from a veterinarian before leaving our loving home . I take great pride in the care, feeding, and cleaning of my puppies .    My pups are played with and loved and handled a lot  as babies .

Emma , previouse litters mother

The Schipperke is a smart, lively dog , as clever as he is noble looking. They are very confidant and loyal to their loved ones. Despite their size they are a great watch dog, who will always be alert.

The Schipperkes coat is very easy to maintain. They have a slick outer coat giving them a high gloss sheen. Under the outer coat they have a water repellant undercoat. This makes it especially easy to dry after a bath or a swim at the lake. One shake of their body and they are virtually dry. Their coats generally shed just twice a year.

The Schipperke was bred to work. The breed originated in Belgium; where they were best known for guarding boats that travelled the canals between Brussels and Antwerp. The tradesmen kept them for their quick movements to catch those pesky rats.

To this day the schipperke loves to work. From being the home rodent control, a service dog to sniffing out drugs and bombs. They thrive on working and making their masters happy.

Although the Schipperke is a loyal dog if you do not give them the mental stimulation to satisfy them, they will find their own fun, much to your dismay. It is best to get your high-energy friend into a program such as agility, obedience or anything else that you and him may find fun.

As said above the Schipperke is a high-energy creature. It is imperative that you keep them safely confined in a fenced area while outside. They love to explore and are great escape artists. For the same reasons the Schipperke should always be leashed when out on a walk or in public


Training your schipperke can sometimes be frustrating (as with any breed.) This breed is known for being stubborn and goofy. Ask for a hand shake and you may get one 4 times over. The key is to be consistant, patient and reward the behaviour you approve of and you will have an obedient friend.

As with all training, socialization is key. Even with training the Schipperke can be territorial and may not get along with all animals. Since they are very high-energy they require 30 or more minutes a day of exercise.

Though the schipperke is only around 10 to 15 inches tall and 12 to 20 pounds, he is not a delicate dog. They are a long-lived breed and can live 15 or more years with the proper care and nutrition.


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 Schipperke is often miss spelled  such as shipper key, shipper kee,  schipperkey, shipperkey , CEDAR BC YELLOW POINT , schipperke Canada or Canadian schipperke breeder