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Island West Schipperkes
Schipperke kennel in British Columbia  Canada .
Our schipperke puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee.
Most puppies are sold on a non-breeding contract, If you wish to have a Schipperke for breeding, the price is higher and I need to interview you regarding breeding intentions and experience.

Click here to fill in contract information if you are buying a puppy from us .

Island West Schipperke
ISLAND WEST SCHIPPERKES 250-722-3911 For this contract seller shall be Sharon Medforth. This agreement was made on , Date _____________________ Between Sharon Medforth and Buyer name __________________________________________________________________ Address______________________________________________________________________ Postal code -_______________________________________ Phone number ________________________ cell #___________________________________ \ Email ________________________________________________________________________ Alternate contact person Name___________________ Phone______________________________________ B. The seller agrees to sell one registered schipperke puppy. Sex M F Whelped , Day____ Month _____Year________ Microchip #__________________________________________________________ Pup sold open to breed NO YES Sales price ____________ Deposit paid _______________ Amount due _______Date paid in full______________________ Cash check e-transfer DEPOSIT NON REFUNDABLE. C, 1 The seller guarantees the puppy in good health at the time of sale. 2. The puppy will be de-wormed, micro-chipped and have its first vaccinations and veterinarian checked healthy before leaving the breeders home. The seller guarantees the pup to be free of any life threatening genetic health conditions of the heart, lungs, and digestive system for 2 years from date of purchase. Other health problems the dog may experience will be reviewed by the seller and her veterinarian and it will be at the discretion of the seller as to whether there are grounds for compensation. 3.The buyer agrees to accept the decision b of the seller in such circumstances. The buyer is aware and agrees that there shall be no health guarantee after 2 years from date of sale. .4. Seller will ether pay vet costs pertaining to genetic medical conditions covered under this contract to a limit of $600 or seller may choose to take the dog back and replace it with a puppy from the next available litter. Breeder will not do both replace puppy and cover vet costs. These options are breeders choice. 5. Buyer agrees to have the pup checked by their veterinarian with in 5 days of receiving the pup. 6.Buyer must notify seller immediately of any health concerns covered under this contract. 7. Buyer agrees to give seller full access to the pups full medical records in the event the event the pup has a health problem covered under this contract. 8.Seller has the right before paying vet bills or replacing pup to have the pup checked by a vet of her choice. 9 Buyer will keep pup in good health , buyer will feed only good quality food. 10.Buyer agrees to keep puppy up to date on all vaccinations and worming. This pup was sold on non breeding contract YES NO Buyer agrees to spay or neuter pup if bought on non breeding contract. IN THE UNFORSEEN EVENT THAT THE BUYER {NEW OWNER }OF THIS SCHIPPERKE PUPPY CAN NOT KEEP THE PUPPY OR DOG , THE NEW OWNER {BUYER} AGREES TO RETURN THE SCHIPPERKE PUPPY TO BREEDER SO THE BREEDER CAN REHOME THE PUPPY OR DOG . THE NEW OWNER {BUYER} AGREES THAT NO CASH REFUND FROM SELLER WILL BE GIVEN OR EXPECTED. I AGREE AND WILL ABIDE WITH THE TERMS OF THIS CONTRACT SIGNATURE OF DATE SIGNED ___________________________ SELLER______________________________________________________________ SIGNATURE OF BUYERS (NEW OWNERS}______________________________________________________________

 Schipperke is often miss spelled  such as shipper key, shipper kee,  schipperkey, shipperkey , CEDAR BC YELLOW POINT , schipperke Canada or Canadian schipperke breeder