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Island West Schipperkes
Schipperke kennel in British Columbia Canada .
Here you will find lots of video or youtube links of our schipperke and schipperke puppies  .
Please take a moment these videos will give you a good idea of how much fun and how smart a schipperke is.
At Island West Schipperkes we enjoy these small dogs so much I want to share my youtube links of our schipperkes working and playing we do obediance with our schipperkes and I have a lot of obediance trial video. There are also lots of schipperke puppy you tube video of our schipperke puppies here as well .
I have also included video of training sessions with our schipperke pups , please enjoy

Schipperke puppy video , Cream schipperkes and Black schipperke puppies in Video
 schipperke puppies 6 weeks
 5 week old schipperke cream and black puppies
5 weeks old schipperke
5 weeks old schipperke

Schipperkes doing Obediance, and Rally O obediance.and conformation
Little Joey doing Pre novice obediance AIOC
Emmas Gold Of Island West in confermation show in group ring

Training a 9 week old schipperke  puppy

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 Schipperke is often miss spelled  such as shipper key, shipper kee,  schipperkey, shipperkey , CEDAR BC YELLOW POINT , schipperke Canada or Canadian schipperke breeder