So the day has come , you think your female dog  is ready to breed.

How do dogs do it?

What do you need to know when breeding your dog?

 What to do when your dogs are tied {stuck together}? 

Can you separate dogs tied{stuck} together?

Read on to find out .

When you introduce the female to the male dog for the first time you should have both dogs on a leash.

Some females can be very mean and tear up a male real good if she is not quite ready to breed . Some female dogs are so dominant or shy that they will never let a male mount them. There are solutions to that problem and we will get to that as we go along

Let the dogs get to know each other , let the male sniff and lick the female . If the female dog is receptive she may raise her tail  {this is called flagging}and turn her rear end towards the stud dog .

If it appears the male and female are getting along OK you can let them off leash to play a bit. The male may pounce and entice the female to play before he tries to mount her , this play can go on until the male is confident the female is receptive .



An inexperienced male may try mounting the head , If you have an inexperienced male put the leashes back on  both of them  and lead him to the right end .

The male will try to penetrate the female, some males will not be so good at this . If it appears after 15 minutes or so of  trying that the male just can not get the job done you may have to give nature a hand .

Watch to see if the male is poking to low. If this is the problem, try standing the female with her back legs in a hole or dip in the ground so she is lower.

If you are sure the female is ready to breed and stud is having  no luck getting the job done you can contact a veterinarian or another experience breeder and have  them do Artificial insemination, also called AI.

At the bottom of this page  is a web site to a YouTube video on performing  AI.


If you are breeding natural ,  once the male penetrates the female his penis will swell and he will get an enlarged ball on his penis. This enlarged ball makes it impossible for him to with draw from the female until the act of fertilization is complete. NEVER try to separate dogs that are tied together or you can do irreparable damage to the male and female..

This tie can last any where from 5 minutes to 45 minutes . if it takes longer then an hour . call a vet.

Once the dogs are tied together the male dog will attempt to turn around so that the male and female are back to back. This is normal and it makes it easier for the female so she dose not have to support the males weight for such a long time.

You will need to hold the male and female quietly during this tie time to prevent the male or female from dragging each other around. I Have also seen times when the female has become upset and has tried to turn and attach the male while they are tied together. This is another reason why have the male and female under control during the tie.

Once the tie is compete the males bulbous will deflate and the dogs will  separate . You should take the female and have her lay down quietly for an hour try to prevent her from urinating. Putting the female in a crate for an hour is a good idea. If you have no crate take her to a quiet spot or room and make her lay down . mating

The deed is now done. hope fully you will be clicking on the link above on the tool bar, on how to tell if your female is pregnant .